April 30 – May 1: Comics at Sci-Fi London

Comics at Sci-Fi London

Comics at Sci-Fi London

30 April – 1 May 2011

Apollo Cinema + BFI Southbank, London

Part of the 10th Sci-Fi London Festival

23 April – 2 May 2011

Various venues, London

Sci-Fi London website

Electric Sheep‘s assistant editor Alex Fitch is curating a comics festival as part of the 10th Sci-Fi London Festival in April. He is also the presenter of Panel Borders, the UK’s only weekly broadcast radio show about comics, Thursdays on Resonance 104.4 FM.

The two-day comics festival will celebrate modern British comic creators from the last 30 years. The event will take place at the Apollo Piccadilly Cinema and at BFI Southbank and welcomes guests who have been published for over three decades plus newcomers to the medium.

Featured guests include: David Lloyd, Andy Diggle, V.V. Brown, China Mieville, Denise Mina, Ian Edginton and Yuri Kore as well as Electric Sheep-featured artists Hannah Berry and Karen Rubins.

Sci-Fi London has ensured there are a number of female guests on the comic book panels and members of the small press and manga community are well represented to ensure members of the audience can get advice from creators and professionals working their way into the industry.

Comics at Sci-Fi London takes place at the BFI Southbank on the May Bank Holiday weekend (30 April – 1 May 2011). There will be an additional panel at the Apollo Piccadilly cinema on 23 April about ’25 years of John Constantine: Hellblazer’: Andy Diggle and David Lloyd discuss the character from his first regular appearance in Swamp Thing #37 to the 250th issue of his own title, published last year.

At the BFI, panel discussions will include ‘Poe, Lovecraft and comics’, ‘Manga Jiman’, ‘Comics and moving pictures’ and City of Abacus. Hannah Berry will be previewing her new book Adamtime, the long awaited follow-up to the acclaimed Britten and Br&#252lightly plus children’s workshops run by creators from Solipsistic Pop and a screening of 20 minutes of footage from the new film Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts followed by a discussion of the writer’s work with some of his collaborators.

There will also be a handful of tables at the BFI for creators to sell and sign their work and Sci-Fi London will be inviting small press creators to take part in the festival for free.

Confirmed guests include:

David Allain (City of Abacus, music video director)
Martin Baker (Battle among the Stars)
Hannah Berry (Britten and Br&#252lightly, Adamtine)
V.V. Brown (City of Abacus)
Paul Collicutt (Robot City Adventures)
Huw J. Davies (Freeman, Garth)
Andy Diggle (The Losers, Thunderbolts)
Alice Duke (Self Made Hero: Poe and Lovecraft anthologies)
Ian Edginton (Scarlet Traces, X-Force)
Ilya (Mammoth books of Best New Manga, Ballast)
Yuri Kore (The Boy Who Runs from the Sun, Manga Jiman Winner 2009/2010)
Zarina Liew (The Sun and the Moon, Manga Jiman Runner-up 2009/2010)
David Lloyd (V for Vendetta, Night Raven)
Roger Mason (2000AD, The Mice)
China Mieville (Kraken, Hellblazer)
Denise Mina (Hellblazer, A Sickness in the Family)
Edward Ross (Filmish, Parasites!)
John Spelling (City of Abacus)

Comics at Sci-Fi London is a Sci-Fi London Lab event, which encompasses talks with artists, writers, scientists, filmmakers and critics talking about science-fiction and science-fact.

More information on the Sci-Fi London website and Panel Borders website.

Cinema and Politics

La chinoise

Friday 25 March, 5-5:30pm, Resonance FM 104.4

Today Resonance 104.4fm transmits a prelude to the anti-cuts actions taking place on March 26. A huge explosion of class hatred and anger broadcasts from 8:00am – 5:30pm. Featuring contributions from W.A.G, Dan Hind, Sean Gittins, New Left Project, Ian Bone, Martin Wright, VOLANT, C’est Destin, Sven Kylie, William English, Anax Karphosporos, The Carrot Workers, Deptford Action Group For The Elderly, The Space Hi-Jackers, Tom Beastly, Virginie Selavy, Radical Schick, Ignes Fatui, Alice Bloch, Ukuncut, and many more.

From 5 to 5:30pm, Richard Thomas and Virginie Sélavy will talk about cinema and politics, including among other things a discussion of Jean-Luc Godard and Lettrist cinema.

Bloody Women: A Birds Eye View Special


audio To coincide with the Birds Eye View Film Festival’s focus on women in horror, Virginie Sélavy leads a discussion with three women filmmakers working in this traditionally male-dominated genre. Her guests are: Melanie Light, director of Switch, Kate Shenton, director of Bon Appetit, and Jennifer Eiss, co-director of Short Lease. All three shorts screened as part of the Horror Shorts programme of BEV on Saturday 12 March at the ICA.

This programme was first broadcast on Tuesday 8 March, 5-5:30pm, on Resonance 104.4 FM as part of their celebration of International Women’s Day.