Format: Cinema

Release date: 8 February 2013

Distributor: Network Releasing

Director: Pablo Larraín

Writer: Pedro Peirano

Based on the play by: Anotnio Skármeta

Cast: Gael García Bernal, Alfredo Castro, Antonia Zegers

Chile/France/USA 2012

118 mins

In Pablo Larraín’s follow-up to Post Mortem, Gael García Bernal plays an ambitious, young Chilean advertising man who is asked to help create a persuasive campaign for the anti-Pinochet ‘No’ vote in the 1988 national plebiscite, which ultimately ended the military dictatorship that had ruled the country for 16 years. Not as dark, and much less surreal and distinctive in style than Larraín’s previous work revolving around the repressive Pinochet regime, No is an extremely watchable lesson in historically and politically charged filmmaking.

This review was originally published as part of our coverage of Cannes 2012.

Pamela Jahn

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