alejandro jodorowsky

Messiahs, midgets and metaphysical laughter


  • El Topo: A gunslinger’s crooked quest
  • The Holy Mountain: The gospel according to Jodorowsky
  • Fando y Lis: A panic film
  • Santa Sangre: Jodorowsky's surprise return in 1989 marries the director’s visionary, Felliniesque excess to the dying giallo


  • Alejandro Jodorowsky: Presenting a retrospective of his work at the BFI in 2007, the Chilean-born director talks about eerie sound effects, Sam Peckinpah and Antonin Artaud's 'The Conquest of Mexico'
  • The Dance of Reality: To mark the release of his first film in 23 years, Jodorowsky talks about the healing power of filmmaking, the joy of creating and the magic of reality


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Director image - Alejandro Jodorowsky

Fando y Lis