Dazzlingly beautiful, elusive and to die for


  • The Duke of Burgundy: A wonderfully strange riot of patterns, corsets and butterflies
  • Heavenly Creatures: What makes good kids turn bad?
  • Branded to Kill: When a butterfly lands on his gunsight...
  • The Clouded Yellow: A murder mystery emulating the mood and drama of Hitchcock's classic British chase films.
  • Silence Has No Wings: 'Butterfly is eagle and flies between swans'
  • Daisies: More Dada than women's lib: two non-conformist girls, entangled in a string of joyous anarchic pranks and a butterfly-collecting beau
  • The Voices: A compellingly horrific serial killer comedy, augmented by CG butterflies and other surreal touches

    Comic Strip Reviews:

    • Mothra: Ishirô Honda's 1961 classic sci-fi insect-monster movie


  • Aldo Lado: Beyond giallo: Although not as well known as Argento or Bava, Aldo Lado directed three striking giallo films in the 70s and kicked off the Italian rape-revenge cycle

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