Dead forests, mutant animals, food riots


  • Silent Running: Bruce Dern is an ecologist in space faced with a difficult choice in this thoughtful film directed by special effects genius Douglas Trumbull
  • Humanoids from the Deep: Roger Corman-produced mutant sea monster movie
  • Soylent Green: Charlton Heston is the cynical detective who uncovers the terrible truth about the processed food of his decaying futuristic world in this seminal SF classic
  • Phase IV: The only film directed by Saul Bass tells of a war between humankind and mutated ants
  • Damnation Alley: Survivors of a nuclear holocaust have to battle mutant killer cockroaches
  • Long Weekend: In this Australian eco-horror movie, nature fights back against the human parasite
  • The Last Winter: Supernatural horror movie on the dangers of global warming


  • Larry Fessenden, director of the Alaska-set, oil company-bashing horror movie The Last Winter

Reel Sounds:

  • Phase IV: Synthphony for the Ant Nation

Online movie:

Alter Ego:


  • Eco-Sci-Fi: Director of Sci-Fi-London Louis Savy and author of Mirage Men Mark Pilkington discuss environmentally concerned films on Friday 21 October on Resonance FM 104.4.

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Theme image - October 2011

Illustration by Joseph J. Morgan