False child, art forgery, duplicitous moles, unreliable reality


  • The Imposter: Jaw-dropping documentary about a man who managed to impersonate a missing child
  • Shadow Dancer:  James Marsh returns with a fictional account of an IRA member turned informer
  • F for Fake: Orson Welles explores all forms of art forgery
  • Prisoners of War: In this Israeli series  prisoners of war who may have been ‘turned’ return home


  • Sugar Coating: The fabrication of a nostalgic myth in Searching for Sugar Man


  • Peter Strickland talks about Berberian Sound Studio, an homage to the giallo that plays with the boundaries between fiction and reality

Comic Strip Review:


  • Unreliable images: Alex Fitch talks to director John Simon about his adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s Radio Free Albemuth and to director Berton Pierce and special effects expert Greg Aronowitz about the film Sense of Scale, a documentary on model making in the cinema.

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Theme image - August 2012

Illustration by Clíodhna Ztoical