Hidden, black, ancient, high-rise and alternative


  • The Keep: Michael Mann’s lost classic about German soldiers awakening an ancient monster in a Romanian castle
  • Citadel: An agoraphobic in housing project horror
  • The Hidden Fortress: Akira Kurosawa's influential feudal action adventure
  • The Raid: A team of policemen are trapped in a high-rise building controlled by criminals in this exhilarating Asian action movie
  • Escape from New York: The city as a contained maximum security prison


  • Citadel: Ciaran Foy on making a film that is '50% psychological horror and 50% autobiography'


Comic Strip Reviews:

Reel Sounds

  • Tangerine Dream's Thief: High-tech vs old school


  • The Keep and Nazisploitation: Writer and comic artist Mark Stafford talks to Virginie Sélavy about Michael Mann’s dark, atmospheric 1983 movie, in which German soldiers stationed in an old Romanian castle during WWII are faced with an ancient evil, and the use of Nazis in exploitation and horror films. Friday 15 February, 5-5:30pm, Resonance 104.4 FM.

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Illustration by Mark Haylock