Skid row outsiders, uninhibited deviants and liberating servitude


  • Baby Face: The emancipating power of sex and money
  • Woman of the Dunes: Trapped like a bug in the sand
  • The Getaway: Sam Peckinpah freely adapts Jim Thompson
  • Mesrine: French public enemy number 1 escapes – again and again
  • Articles:


    • Greg Klymkiw talks about the liberating power of servitude with the Brothers Quay to mark the American DVD release of Institute Benjamenta

    Comic Strip Review:


    • The Films of Rex Bloomstein: Alex Fitch talks to director Rex Bloomstein about his films Traitors to Hitler (1979), KZ (2006) and An Independent Mind (2008) and discusses documenting persecution and freedom of speech on film and notions of psychogeography in the documentary process.

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