Samplers, sonic spaceships, acoustic science and electro-dystopian visions


  • Upstream Colour: Ambitiously cinematic and acoustically effective sci-fi love tale
  • Dark Star: In space no one can hear you scream
  • Kin-dza-dza!: Russian cult sci-fi satire with a creative use of language: the bizarre Plukanian tongue.



  • Casting Sound: Upstream Colour sound designer Johnny Marshall talks about the process that led to sound being a unique protagonist in the film

Alter Ego

Reel Sounds:


  • Kristinia Buozyte on Vanishing Waves: The Lithuanian director talks to Virginie Sélavy about her film, a hypnotic, sensual sci-fi experience in which a scientist connects with the brain of a comatose patient with whom he has increasingly intense neural encounters, which gradually reveal what happened to her.
  • The Call of the Kosmos – Soviet Science Fiction: Virginie Sélavy talks to Russian scholar Sergei Kapterev, from the Institute of Film Art in Moscow, about Soviet science fiction, including Roger Corman’s re-edits of popular Soviet sci-fi films.

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Theme image - March 2013

Illustration by Laura Gilbert