Crystal Stilts’ Film Jukebox

Crystal Stilts (Photo by Erika Spring)

American garage pop combo Crystal Stilts returned in April with their second album, In Love with Oblivion (Fortuna POP!), a glorious collection of gorgeously textured, fevered, dreamy pop gems rooted in their brooding, mysterious world. Catch them live on July 31 at Derby Indietracks, Aug 1 at Liverpool Static Gallery, Aug 2 at London Whiteheat @Madame Jojo’s and Aug 3 at Norwich Arts Centre. For more information on In Love with Oblivion, please go to the Fortuna POP! website or Crystal Stilts website.

1. Cat People (1942 dir Jacques Tourneur)

2. L’atalante (1934 dir Jean Vigo)

3. Sans soleil (1983 dir Chris Marker)

4. Hellzapoppin’ (1941 dir H.C. Potter)

5. Nathalie Granger (1972 dir Marguerite Duras)

6. Robinson Crusoe (1954 dir Luis Buñuel)

7. The Awful Truth (1937 dir Leo McCarey)

8. Treasure Island (1985 dir Raoul Ruiz)

9. Underworld (1927 dir Josef von Sternberg)

10. Walden (Diaries, Notes and Sketches 1969 dir Jonas Mekas)