doomed adventures

Failed expeditions, sinister missions and ill-fated road trips



  • Apocalypse Now: Conradian pursuit
  • Two Lane Blacktop: An existential, cross-country drag race from Los Angeles to Washington DC in a souped-up ’55 Chevy


  • Gold: Nina Hoss talks about her character in Thomas Arslan’s German take on the gold rush western road movie genre
  • Sightseers: Ben Wheatley talks about his dark comedy in which a couple goes on a murderous road trip across the north of England

Alter Ego

Comic Strip Review

  • Marebito: A photographer who makes his way deep down into the Tokyo subway system to allay his obsession with fear.

Reel Sounds:

  • L’orme: A long-lost, intriguing mix of giallo psychological suspense, science fiction and dream-like space travel, accompanied by a tender and beautifully understated soundtrack.

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Theme image - March 2013

Illustration by Paul O'Connell