Issue 44: Dario Argento


Theme: Dario Argento
The animal ‘trilogy’
Transatlantic Trauma
Reel Sounds: Operatic Terror

Joe Dante

Bruno the Black

Film Reviews
A Town Called Panic
Jackboots on Whitehall

DVD Reviews
Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

Online Movie
The Alder Woodwasp and Its Insect Enemies

Comic Strip Review:
City Lights

Colonial Report from the Dominion of Canada

Short Cuts
London International Animation Festival

Film Jukebox
Piney Gir

London Film Festival
L’Etrange Festival


Joe Dante and Tobe Hooper – Masters of Horror

Dario Argento: The Lush Colours of Terror

This month, we celebrate the sumptuous world of Dario Argento with an article on his early animal ‘trilogy’, Transatlantic Trauma, a feature on his unhappy foray into Hollywood and a Reel Sounds column on his use of opera.

Animated features are fairly rare but this month sees the release of two on the same day: Hammer and Tongs’ surreal tale A Town Called Panic and Jackboots on Whitehall, an alternative history of the Second World War. Also on UK screens is French 70s terrorist saga Carlos. The Colonial Report from the Dominion of Canada focuses on Kashmiri film Autumn, and we have a review of Raindance highlight Legacy. Watch the trailer for Confessions, Tetsuya Nakashima’s superb new revenge tale, which premieres at FrightFest Halloween All-Nighter.

New DVDs include Takeshi Kitano’s only American film Brother and animé series Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights gets the comic strip treatment and our new Online Movies columnist looks at The Alder Woodwasp and Its Insect Enemies.

We also have the second part of our Joe Dante interview and an article on the recently departed Bruno S, most famous for his role in Herzog’s Kaspar Hauser. In the Short Cuts we report on the London International Animation Festival, and in the blog you can read coverage of the London Film Festival. We have reports on the Venice and Toronto festivals as well as on L’Etrange Festival. In the Film Jukebox, Kansas-born country chanteuse Piney Gir picks 10 bright and colourful films.

Joe Dante and Tobe Hooper – Masters of Horror: To coincide with the start of a month of horror film releases in the cinema and on DVD in the run-up to Halloween, Alex Fitch interviews two veterans of horror cinema, Joe Dante and Tobe Hooper.