Confessions trailer

Confessions, the new film by Tetsuya Nakashima, will have its UK premiere at the FrightFest Halloween All-Nighter on Saturday 30 October at the Empire, London. After the bubblegum quirkiness of Kamikaze Girls and the candy-coloured melodrama of Memories of Matsuko, Nakashima returns with a superbly accomplished, original take on the revenge tale, adapted from the debut novel by Kanae Minato.

Yuko Moriguchi is a meek teacher who decides to quit her job after the death of her four-year-old daughter. But before she leaves, she lets her class know that she believes her daughter was killed by two of the students. Knowing that the law won’t help her, she constructs an intricate revenge against them. Masterfully scripted, suprising, convincing, chilling, provocative, Confessions is an impressive achievement.

Further information can be found on the FrightFest website and tickets can be booked on the Empire website. The film will also be part of Ireland’s Access Cinema Japanese Film Festival, which will tour Dublin, Cork and Galway from 29 October to 14 November 2010.

Confessions is released in UK cinemas by Third Window Films on 11 February 2011.