Issue 71: Repulsion


Theme: Repulsion

A Short Note on Vomit
Six Decades of Django

Jen and Sylvia Soska
Klaus Maria Brandauer

Film Reviews
Midnight Son
The King of Pigs

Comic Strip Review

Reel Sounds
Cannibal Holocaust

Alter Ego
Jack Wolf

American Mary: A feminist horror film?

Repulsion: The strange attraction of dark emotions, vile acts and messed up characters

To coincide with the BFI’s extended run of Roman Polanski’s Repulsion, we look at the repellent anti-hero of Maniac in our Comic Strip Review, the disgust caused by the hellish David Mamet-scripted Edmond, and vomit in film. Our Reel Sounds column is on the beautiful score to the shockingly disturbing Cannibal Holocaust.

In cinema releases, we review great horror anthology V/H/S, melancholy vampire reverie Midnight Son and harsh animation The King of Pigs, which deals with the brutality of South Korean society. We have a feature on Tarantino’s latest cult homage Django Unchained and its place in the long-running Django saga. And we have an interview with Jen and Sylvia Soska about their brilliant American Mary, starring Katharine Isabelle as a disillusioned former medical student who gets increasingly drawn into the underground world of illicit surgery.

We also have an interview with Klaus Maria Brandauer about The Strange Case of Wilhelm Reich. And in Alter Ego, author Jack Wolf is JF Sebastian in Blade Runner.

American Mary: A feminist horror film?: Writer and director Jennifer Eiss and freelance journalist Evrim Ersoy discuss the Soska twins’ description of their provocative American Mary as ‘feminist horror’ with Virginie Sélavy.

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