Issue 72: Fortresses

Fortresses: Hidden, black, ancient, high-rise and alternative

This month we are proud to present a 35mm screening of Michael Mann’s rare 1983 film The Keep in collaboration with Cigarette Burns at the Prince Charles in London on 21 February. This is the occasion for a look at fortresses on film, with reviews of The Keep, Akira Kurosawa’s feudal Japan tale The Hidden Fortress and housing project-set shocker Citadel, an interview with Citadel director Ciaran Foy, a feature on alternative fortresses and a Comic Strip Review of Time Bandits. And we also have a Reel Sounds column on the Tangerine Dream soundtrack to Michael Mann’s Thief.

Out at the cinema we review classic Hollywood melodrama A Place in the Sun, unique Belgian crime drama Bullhead, supernatural thriller Mama, Brandon Cronenberg’s first feature Antiviral and Pablo Larraí’s No, which continues the director’s exploration of Chile’s politics and history.

In home entertainment releases we look at two new Mario Bava Blu-rays, Barbara Steele witch chiller Black Sunday and nightmarish fairy tale Lisa and the Devil, as well as Kaneto Shindô’s stunning tale of demons, greed and desire Onibaba. In Alter Ego, author Travis Elborough is James Mason in The London That Nobody Knows.

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The Keep
The Hidden Fortress
Remember the Alamo
Citadel: Ciaran Foy
Film Reviews
A Place in the Sun
DVD Reviews
Black Sunday
Lisa and the Devil
Comic Strip Review
Time Bandits
Reel Sounds
Alter Ego
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