Endless Poetry

Endless Poetry
Endless Poetry

Seen at Cannes International Film Festival 2016

Format: Cinema

Release date: 6 January 2017

DVD release date: 6 March 2017

Distributor: Curzon Artificial Eye

Director: Alejandro Jodorowsky

Writer: Alejandro Jodorowsky

Original title: Poesia sin fin

Cast: Adan Jodorowsky, Brontis Jodorowsky, Leandro Taub

Chile, France 2016

128 mins

As you’d expect from the Chilean director, Jodorowsky follows no rules when it comes to artistic creation.

With Endless Poetry, Alejandro Jodorowsky follows on from his 2013 comeback The Dance of Reality in his reckless attempt to revisit his own life by means of cinematic therapy.

The story is simple: Young Alejandrito rebels against the medical career that his parents have planned for him and instead chooses to pursue his dream of being a poet. In the course of this adventure, he meets like-minded friends and lovers exploring all forms of art. Yet, far from being a realistic biopic, the film is unsurprisingly full of surreal plot elements, fantastic set design, and a narrative that constantly obscures its true intentions. Shot by Christopher Doyle, its flamboyant cinematography and sumptuous colour palette sync perfectly with its theme of celebrating life and art, resulting in an unforgettable fair.

As you’d expect from the Chilean director, Jodorowsky follows no rules when it comes to artistic creation. An earthquake shakes one scene when the protagonist gets into a furious argument with his parents, and a carnival sweeps the streets after he comes to realise that the meaning of life is to live in the moment. But the standout scene is when Alejandro meets his first love in a café where everyone dresses in black and moves in slow motion.

If one flaw (and there are more than one) must be mentioned, it is that every scene tries to be the most memorable, which ultimately leads to the conclusion that for Jodorowsky style might overrule substance. But if anything, the clue is in the title: Endless Poetry is a film that flows in its very own rhythm, fuelled with contagious passion and perpetual imagination.

Pamela Jahn

This review is part of our Cannes 2016 coverage.

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