Hitchcock, Hyde and Houdini – The Magic of Classics


audioIn a Q & A recorded live at the Roxy Bar and Screen, Alex Fitch talks to magician Granville Markland about depictions of magic and magicians on the big screen, focusing on the work of Harry Houdini in such films as The Man from Beyond (1922) and the more recent blurring of fact and fiction in movies like The Prestige and The Illusionist.

+ Alex Fitch talks to musician and comedy writer Robin Warren from the band Liberation Jumpsuit about the recent BFI cinema re-releases of Hitchcock’s Notorious and Rouben Mamoulian’s Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde (1931), which combine suspense and eroticism to beguiling effect.

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Liberation Jumpsuit
Info about Granville Markland’s performances at the Imperial War Museum