December podcasts and radio: Asian cinema, H.P. Lovecraft and Alan Moore

The Yellow Sea


Panel Borders: Unnamable horrors in genre comics

Concluding a series of shows about H.P. Lovecraft, Alex Fitch talks to three creators who have recently penned comics inspired by his monsters and scenarios. Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning talk about adding a Lovecraftian twist to Marvel Superheroes in their titles Realm of Kings and The Thanos Imperative, which feature alternative versions of Captain Marvel and the Avengers possessed by the ‘Many-angled Ones’. Also Ed Brubaker discusses Fatale, his latest collaboration with artist Sean Phillips, following Sleeper, Criminal and Incognito, which mixes noir storytelling with occult ceremonies and tentacle-faced Nazis.

8pm, Sunday 18 December 2011, Resonance 104.4FM / extended podcast on Panel Borders after broadcast


Lucky Cat: The best Asian films of 2011

On Saturday 10 December, Virginie S&#233lavy was Zoe Baxter’s guest on the show Lucky Cat to discuss the East Asian film releases of 2011, including The Yellow Sea, Villain, Gallants, Sparrow and The Ghost Cat and the Shamisen.

To listen to the podcast, go to the Lucky Cat website.

Panel Borders episode 250: Alan Moore and the horrors at Red Hook

Continuing a month of shows about H.P. Lovecraft, Alex Fitch talks to Alan Moore about his final graphic novel that isn’t part of the continuing League of Extraordinary Gentlemen narrative – Neonomicon – which has just been published, along with its prequel The Courtyard, as a graphic novel by Avatar Press. Both comics follow on from Lovecraft’s tale ‘The Horror at Red Hook’ and Alan discusses why he chose that story in particular to explore further, plus the origins of The Courtyard in an abandoned short story collection called ‘Yuggoth Cultures’, and examples of Lovecraftian imagery in his League of Extraordinary Gentlemen saga.

Listen to the podcast on Panel Borders.