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Phase IV

audioVirginie Sélavy talks to Louis Savy, director of SCI-FI-LONDON, and Strange Attractor Press publisher Mark Pilkington about environmentally-concerned science fiction films, including Silent Running, Phase IV and The Last Winter.

SCI-FI-LONDON runs from 1 to 7 May at various venues across London.

First broadcast on Resonance FM 104.4 on Friday 21 October 2011. For more info and formats to stream/download, visit www.archive.org.

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  1. Hello there,
    This show ended with a very interesting and mysterious track, probably from an OST. Could you tell me what is it? I listened to it by pure luck at the very start of this podcast:

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Hi Fotis,

    The track is ‘What Am I Seeing’ by Jeff Grace from the soundtrack of Larry Fessenden’s The Last Winter.