Filmmakers on Comics: Nicolas Roeg and Sandy Lieberson

Nic Roeg and Sandy Lieberson

audioAlex Fitch talks to two filmmakers who are regular attendees at Ian Rakoff’s comic book lectures at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Acclaimed film director Nicolas Roeg discusses his interest in comics and museum culture, how he nearly directed the 1980 adaptation of Flash Gordon and why the BBC wouldn’t let him choose Desert Island Discs for Radio 4’s Cultural Exchange. American Producer Sandy Lieberson, who worked with Roeg on Performance, talks about his love of classic newspaper strips, distinctions between high and low art and his involvement in The Magic Roundabout and Dougal and the Blue Cat. (Originally broadcast 30 September 2013 on Resonance 104.4 FM)

Nic Roeg’s memoir The World is Ever Changing is published in paperback by Faber & Faber.

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Podcast produced by Alex Fitch