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Until the End of the World

The Road

audio In the latest Electric Sheep podcast, we’re looking at apocalyptic movies: Virginie Sélavy talks to John Hillcoat, director of the film adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road in an interview recorded at last year’s London Film Festival, plus Alex Fitch talks to Helen McCarthy, a British expert on manga, anime and Japanese visual culture, in a Q and A recorded before the Electric Sheep screening of Kinji Fukasaku’s Battle Royale at the Prince Charles Cinema.

Electric Sheep Subterranea: The Last Battle

The Last Battle

Date: Saturday 24 April

Time: 4-8pm

Venue: Notting Hill Arts Club, London

Price: Free

Certificate: 15

Dir: Luc Besson, France 1983, 90 min

Notting Hill Arts Club website

Saturday 24 April, Notting Hill Arts Club, 4-8pm : The Last Battle + live rescore by TIME

Electric Sheep Magazine hosts a Rough Trade Shops’ RoTa afternoon of film, music and discussion in the underbelly of Notting Hill.

Main feature: Luc Besson’s fantastic sci-fi movie The Last Battle!

Presented with a new live soundtrack by TIME!

+ Apocalyptic garage punk from Speak and the Spells!

+ Apocalyptic shorts!

+ Resonance FM DJ Robin Warren spins soundtrack tunes!

We are very excited to present an apocalyptic afternoon in collaboration with Sci-Fi London. We will be showing Luc Besson’s stunning first feature The Last Battle, about one man trying to survive in a devastated future world. Starring Jean Reno, it has all of Besson’s stylistic flair but is unlike anything else he has made since. Surreal, blackly funny and visually striking, it is a fascinating addition to the post-apocalyptic sci-fi genre.

Sci-Fi London runs from April 28 to May 3 at the Apollo Piccadilly Circus Cinema, London.

The Last Battle will be shown with a live soundtrack by innovative string and synths duo TIME. Frances Morgan (former editor of Plan B Magazine) and Mark Dicker weave a web of sound where warm harmonies slowly mutate into saturated riffs while haunting vocals add a dimension of storytelling.

+ Speak and the Spells play a fast and furious set of garage instrumentals to bring about the end of the world.

+ Apocalyptic short films:

The Last Breath (David Jackson, UK, 2009, 10 min): When the Kelvin family surfaces after scuba diving in a lake, they find that the air has become toxic. With their tanks running low they embark on a race against time to reach the nearby dive hut. Tight and tense, this is a fantastic 10-minute thrill ride! It was produced by VBM Productions.

Die Schneider Krankheit (Javier Chillí³n, Spain, 2008, 10 min): This fantastic short presents itself as a newsreel recounting the rapid spread of a deadly virus after a spaceship containing a chimpanzee crashes in West Germany. The 50s newsreel style is perfectly reproduced, while the reasonable tone of the reporter is brilliantly contrasted with the outlandish events depicted. See more images on Die Schneider Krankheit website.

Choreomania (Louis Paxton, UK, 2009, 9 min): The zombie movie is given a comic and very British twist as a man on his way to work tries to escape the dancing plague that has turned everyone in town into twitchy ravers. Very funny!

+ Resonance FM DJ Robin Warren

Courtesy of Optimum Home Entertainment