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The Electric Sheep Film Show October 2015


In the October Electric Sheep Film Show, Virginie Sélavy and Alex Fitch present a two-part Halloween special:

audioIn this extended first part of the show, Alex Fitch talks to director Richard Stanley and composer Simon Boswell about their legendary 1990 sci-fi tale Hardware, the former’s plans to direct an adaptaion of H.P.Lovecraft’s The Colour out of Space and the latter’s scores for other genre classics such as Sante Sangre and Shallow Grave, while director Jeff Lieberman discusses his 1976 worm horror Squirm during his visit to last year’s Cine-Excess at the University of Brighton.

audio In the second part of the show, Virginie Sélavy talks to Canadian writer Kier-La Janisse about the new anthology book she has edited called Satanic Panic, which explores how the fear of a Satanic conspiracy spread through 1980s pop culture, followed by a round-up of this year’s London Film Festival with film critic and cartoonist Mark Stafford.

The Electric Sheep Film Show is broadcast every third Wednesday of the month, 8-9pm at Resonance FM 104.4. Next date: Wednesday 18 November 2015.

A condensed version of this show was first broadcast on Wednesday 21 October 2015.

Clear Spot – 21 October 2015 (Electric Sheep) by Resonance Fm on Mixcloud